Week 5 - Education and fertility choices


Are improved access to health and education the best paths to development? Is this actually the real question? Maybe we think that access to better health and education is important per se, because they expand the possibilities of each one to achieve their own individual goals. In that case, how can we make sure that eveybody has access to them? In India, 95% of the children have access to a school within half a mile or so (BD, 2011). Why is India's literacy rate only of around 85%? Primary school education is free in Uganda, however, primary school completion is only of about 50%.



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Assignment 1

"Education is the Best Contraceptive" Discuss

Assignment 2

Why  does  public  education  provision  remain  a  focus  of  international  and  domestic development policies, despite limited evidence of aggregate returns to education and increasing evidence of inefficiencies in public service delivery?

Assignment 3

"Education is a good investment, not just for the individual, but for the society as a whole." Discuss