Christian Missions in Africa

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Protestant Missions

Geocoded information at the mission level for missions operating in Africa up to 1903. Among others, the data report at the mission level missionary investments (printing presses, hospitals, schools, etc. )


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Cagé, Julia and Valeria Rueda (2016), "The Long Term effects of the Printing Press in sub-Saharan Africa." American Economic Journal: Applied Economics, 2016, vol. 8 (3), pp: 69-99, 2016




Beach, Harlam P. (1903), A Geography and Atlas of Protestant Missions: Their Environment, Forces, Distribution, Methods, Problems, Results and Prospects at the Opening of the Twentieth Century", New York: Student Volunteer Movement for Foreign Missions.


Catholic Missions

Geocoded information at the mission level for Catholic missions operating in Africa up to 1924. The data reports missions with a hospital and Catholic administrative information


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Cage, Julia and Valeria Rueda, "Sex and the Mission: The conflicting effects of early Christian investments on HIV in sub-Saharan Africa," Journal of Demographic Economics, 2020, vol. 86 (3), pp. 213-257.





Streit, Karl (1929), Atlas Hierarchicus: Descriptio geographica et statistica Sanctae Romanae Ecclesiae tum occidentis tum orientis juxta statum praesentum accedunt nonnullae notae historicae necnon ethnographicae, Paderbornae : sumptibus typographiae Bonifacianae