Week 1 - Measuring Development

Hans Rosling shows the evolution of development indicators over time

Does GDP accurately capture well-being? The psychological cost of recession can wipe out the benefits of many years of growth.


How does the distribution of wealth across nations look like? Does that distribution give an accurate picture of economic development in the world? Can we think of better indicator of development?  How can we compare development across countries and across regions?



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Assignment 1

From 2017's final (Q. 1-Either):

"Amartya Sen's capability approach' to the study of development is valuable, but it does not lead to obvious implications for economic policy" Discuss



Assignment 2

Solve Question 2 from 2017's final, and briefly (<500 words) answer the following question:

"What key characteristics distinguish measures of poverty from measures of inequality? How are they related?"

Assignment 3

"The GDP is the best index to measure development and to draw international comparisons." Discuss.